Boston Township
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Local self-government is a vital principle of free institutions. This principle is recognized in the case of municipalities by giving Ohio cities the right to frame and amend their own charters. The people living in rural communities are likewise entitled to control their own local affairs. This can only be done by electing officials who are directly responsible to the voters, and by entrusting to them the control of township affairs. Township officials are neighborhood officials and, hence, are more directly responsible to the voters than any other officials can possibly be.
- From the Ohio Township Association Constitution
Everything required of a township form of government is covered in Title 5 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The Boston Township Hall is located at 1775 Main Street in Peninsula, at the corner of State Route 303 and Riverview Road. The Township Offices and Township Road Department are located in the lower level.


Amy Anderson, Chair
Randy Bergdorf, Vice-Chair
Bill Clifton

Fiscal Officer

Pam Schneider
Administrative Offices:

Mailing Address:
1775 Main Street
Peninsula, OH
Boston Township
PO Box 123
Peninsula, OH 44264

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