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Next trustees meeting: May 26 at 6:00
Next Zoning Commission meeting: Jun 08 at 6:30
Next Board of Zoning Appeals meeting: May 25 at 6:30
No listed events on the upcoming Township Calendar.

Zoning Commission & BZA Meetings
The Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals will be holding a video meetings until further notice. If you're interested in joining please send your email address to the zoning inspector at: Please send your request by 5:00pm the Monday before the meeting. You will then receive an email from the zoning inspector with the invite for the meeting on the day of the meeting just prior to the start of the meeting.

Board Meetings During COVID-19
EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: The Board of Trustees of Boston Township has determined that it may hold meetings by telephonic or other electronic means attendance of elected officials, until the current COVID-19 emergency by state, federal, and local governments is lifted. We will notify you when that emergency is lifted. Until that time, any or all township meetings may be attended by elected officials by telephone or other technological methods.Because there are four elected officials, and the health department has advised no more than ten people should be in a room at one time, the township will do the following: There will be six chairs provided in the meeting room all at least ten feet apart. At least one chair will be reserved for a news media representative. Members of the public who wish to attend these meetings will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis. Weather permitting, trustees will open doors and/or windows so that others may watch what has occurred at the meetings.These procedures will be lifted once the emergency is lifted.

Hall Rental
If you want to rent the hall, please follow the "Hall Committee" link in the column to the left.

Our Town: a brief history

Alfred Wolcott of Connecticut came to Boston Township in 1805 with a surveying party to locate the lands that belonged to Simon Perkins. Among the members of the surveying party was James Stanford. After returning home for the winter, Wolcott, Stanford and a few other men arrived back in Boston Township in 1806 and erected a cabin at the site of the present day Boston Cemetery. That same year, Wolcott traded his lands along the Cuyahoga River for Stanford's lands on the eastern rim of the valley. More settlers followed, resulting in the official organization of the township on January 15, 1811. At that time what had been known only as Range 11, Town 4 of the Connecticut Western Reserve became known as Boston Township.

1874 map of Boston Township

1874 map of Boston Township (Peninsula Library & Historical Society)

Our Town: A Brief History .... (continued)